The VICTURY Sports Training Ball, with two-piece KrunchCOR® can be hit full-speed indoors and won't break windows, mark walls or leave a bruise. The VICTURY ball is constructed of super light, high-strength kite material and a shock-absorbing internal bladder.

Durable • Re-inflatable • Waterproof • Regulation Size 5 Soccer Ball.
More quality touches per day. 
Train indoors, anytime, anywhere. 
Track achievement.





Get ready to kick butt the house with 
Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl-winning Kicker Harrison Butker.

Kick full-force field goals, kickoffs and punts in the House with the Patented, shock-absorbing VICTURY Buttkicker. The regulation-sized football is made with a durable two-piece Krunchcor® construction. The VICTURY Buttkicker flies end-over-end and reacts to hooked, shanked and perfect kicks that fly full-force 10-15 feet in distance, making perfect for kicking indoors or outdoors, anytime, day or night, cold or hot!

The training video is hosted by the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl-winning Kicker Harrison Butker. Pre-order now for November 2020 shipment. 

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