Letter from Joseph Burke, CEO of VICTURY

We are back. In July of 2019 we deliver VICTURY V1.


Our family, my brother John, and a team of friends spent five years imagining, designing, testing, and sewing prototypes on our kitchen table with one mission in mind: Give athletes, kids and parents a ball they can kick full-force in the home, train for soccer indoors, and dominate in sports and in life.

We premiered the product at ToyFair in February of 2018. After three days continuous kicking, hitting and spiking, the VICTURY ball performed great and we were proud to be named a 2018 Top 12 Best Toy at NYTF by Fatherly. After the product started shipping last week we heard from customers that the ball has been tearing at the bladder opening. This is not acceptable.

In July of 2019 we deliver VICTURY V1

We are also selling our Ollyball® that is a finalist for the 2019 Toy of the Year Awards. The Ollyball is larger, designed with the same patented KrunchCOR, and can be colored with crayons!